Sara Emilie Fiskerud Contributing to Norway’s Proud Ice Sledge Hockey Legacy with Team Europe

Hailing from the western coast town of Moss, in Norway’s Ostfold County, Sara Emilie Fiskerud is among one of the country’s most promising talents in ice sledge hockey. Having first mounted the sled for Team Europe during the 2012-13 season, the teenaged competitor is working towards becoming a future cornerstone for the squad. Of note, Fiskerud’s initial sojourn into the sport, back in 2010, was nearly short lived. At first,…

14. November 2015

The ice hockey teams Lørenskog and Manglerud Star is in!

On Facebook we encouraged people to help The European Women’s Ice Sledge Hockey Team on our way to Paralympics in Pyeongchang 2018 and hopefully also in Beijing 2022. Through Heidi and Wenche Sparem, we came in contact with the ice hockey teams Lørenskog and Manglerud Star. Before Lørenskog’s first home game this season, they were able to sell 50 of our wristbands! Manglerud Star is currently selling our wristbands in…

5. October 2015