About Ice Sledge Hockey

Three Swedish wheelchair users invented ice sledge hockey in Stockholm in 1961. The sport was a big success, and in 1969 five teams took part in the Stockholm City Championship. Both athletes with and without disabilities participated. After this the Swedes introduced ice sledge hockey to their neighbours in Norway and regular national matches between the two countries were arranged. From Norway ice sledge hockey spread to British athletes.

In 1986 an unofficial World Championship was arranged where Sweden, Norway and Great Britain competed. The first World Cup was arranged in 1991 with five participating nations. Canada won the World Cup.

In 1976 two Swedish teams played an exhibition match at 1976 Paralympic Winter Games in Örnsköldsvik. However, Ice sledge hockey did not become an official event until the Paralympic Games at Lillehammer in 1994. Since then ice sledge hockey has been a regular event in the Paralympic Winter Games.