Sledge hockey players at Malmö Open

Every February, hundreds of athletes travel to Malmö in Sweden for the Malmö Open, a multi-sport tournament for club level teams. The sledge hockey is one of the most popular events, and this year the European Women’s Sledge Hockey team were well represented.

Five of our players were there as part of their club teams, with coach Tor Rivera participating as both a player and a coach.

Lena Schrøder was the first on the ice with her Oslo Tigers teammates, scoring the third goal in the team’s win over Bencont Dolny Kubin. Rosenbergen followed them onto the ice, with Maren Norheim joining coach Tor on the team.

Fellow Norwegians Maren Huseby and Solvei Skjold played with the development team Kraakene, who were being coached by our own Tor Rivera. Swedish development team FIFH Sledgehammers also included one of our newer members, Caroline Persson.

European Women's Sledge Hockey Team members Solvei and Maren N in Malmö: Photo courtesy of Nacka HI Kälkhockey

During the tournament, Mjøsa Pikes added a couple of familiar faces to their lineup, borrowing Maren N and Solvei from their regular teams, and giving Solvei her first senior level ice time.

The most fun parts for me personally were the joy of the team when we won the final, when I scored the [game-winning] goal in the our semi final, and that I also got to spend a lot of time on the ice at the senior level.

There were plenty of celebrations after the tournament, with Maren H, Solvei and Tor taking the gold in the development league with Kraakene, and Lena going home with a silver from the senior league.

There’s no rest for the players either, with our first training camp this year coming up. While Lena and Tor will be competing with the Norwegian national team, the rest of the team will be hitting the ice in Bergen.

Don’t forget, if you’re interested in joining the European Women’s Sledge Hockey Team, we’re always looking for new members. Contact us if you want to give it a try!