Women’s World Ice Sledge Hockey Festival

dsc_0420With a smaller team than expected, we headed out to Skien for a four day tournament against USA and Canada women’s teams.  It’s been a while since we’ve played against them, and we weren’t sure how we would match up, especially as we had a few people missing from the team.

It was always going to be a tough series of games, with some of our players barely getting off the ice during the games as there weren’t enough spare players, but in the end we surprised everyone – including ourselves.

Our first game on Thursday was against Canada.  Thanks to a goal from Stine Frydenlund, we made it all the way through to overtime.  Unfortunately Canada scored very quickly in the overtime period.

On Friday, we played two games.  First we met Canada again, but this time they were maybe more nervous about us, and played a lot harder, scoring three times on us.  Then we played USA for the first time in this tournament.  Despite them having a lot more players than us, with a lot more experience, we held them to only two goals.  Playing two games in one day was exhausting, and we certainly felt the tiredness by the end of the day.

But we still had one more game to play.  On Saturday, we went on the ice against USA again, but this time, the score was a little bit different! Lena Schrøder stood out as one of the best players on the ice, and scored a hat-trick before the end of the second period.  In any of our other games, that would have been enough to win, but USA were fighting back.  If the game had ended after two periods, we would have been great, but unfortunately there was one more period to go.  We were tired and hurt, and we just couldn’t keep up, and eventually USA beat us.

The whole tournament was fantastic though, and we loved being there.  We had a great coach who pushed us hard all the way, and Johan Grønlie stepped in at the last minute as our goalie and did an amazing job. 

If you’re a female sledge hockey player who is interested in joining our team, please email us eurosledge@gmail.com!

Final Scores
Game One: Canada vs USA 4-3 (penalty shots)
Game Two: Canada vs Europe 2-1 (overtime)
Game Three: Europe vs Canada 0-3
Game Four: Europe vs USA 0-2
Game Five: USA vs Europe 7-3
Game Six: USA vs Canada 3-2

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